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Let Us Check Your Benefit For You

Your appointments with us are completely free, but you may be eligible for coverage to help pay towards your hearing aids.


Our PCC will sign you in and get your insurance information. While you attend your appointment, our PCC will contact your insurance company on your behalf to confirm the exact terms of your insurance coverage.


If you would prefer your insurance coverage be checked prior to your appointment, you can bring your insurance information in or you can send it over to us. Call today for additional information. 


Does health insurance cover hearing aids?
Some insurance companies offer optional hearing plans that include coverage for hearing health. Coverage can vary by state, plan & age. The best way to check is to call your insurer and request the information or bring your insurance information with you to your appointment and let our PCC contact your insurance company to confirm the exact terms of your insurance coverage.

How much is covered? 
The amount of coverage varies by plan.

How do I receive my benefit if I am covered?
Our PCC will fill out all of the paperwork at the time of your appointment and file the claim. Depending on your plan there may be additional steps your PCC will go over with you at the time of your appointment.

What if I do not have any coverage?
We have a variety of options available to patients that do not have hearing coverage. Our specialist will go over each option to help find the one that best suits you. 


More Questions? Contact us today!
We are open 7 days a week 

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